Motherhood Through the Mysteries is a project for and by Catholic women. Our team and writers are passionate about using our talents, voices and stories for the glory of God.

Taryn Oesch DeLong

Story Editor for Motherhood Through the Mysteries

Taryn Oesch DeLong is an editor and writer in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and works in digital media. Passionate about supporting women in work, in life, and in health, she is the managing editor of Catholic Women in Business, assistant editor and contributing writer at FemCatholic, a writer at Live Today Well Co., and an almost-certified fertility awareness educator. When she’s not helping writers craft stories and writing her own nonfiction and fiction, you’ll find Taryn reading Jane Austen and drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea, playing the flute or the piano, or volunteering. You can follow Taryn on Instagram and Twitter @tarynmdelong, on Facebook, or on her blog

Caitlin Winters

Founder of Motherhood Through the Mysteries

Cait Winters is a writer, blogger & aspiring author from Massachusetts. She is a wife and mother of three children (from toddler to teen!) living a small-town life and finding God in the midst of everyday moments. Her writing covers all things motherhood, womanhood and faith through relatable and inspiring short stories filled with humor and heart.

To read more from Cait visit her blog Prayers Over the Kitchen Sink and follow on Instagram @prayersoverthekitchensink

Kelsey Green

Featured Photographer for Motherhood Through the Mysteries

Kelsey Green is a 22-year-old portrait photographer with a BA in theology from Lake Ham, Minnesota. You can visit her Instagram profile @kelseyngreen and send a message to book a photoshoot!

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