Storyteller’s Guidelines

Looking for practicing Catholics, writers of every level and mothers of every kind to participate in a special project, a collection of stories of motherhood and faith inspired by the mysteries of the rosary and their accompanying spiritual fruit.

There are 20 spots (mysteries) available for each round of short stories. Writers may submit up to 3 stories for consideration in separate categories. The ideal piece would be 900-1200 words, well written, polished (edited) and focused on imagery, emotion and storytelling.

When writing your story please do so in light of the fruit of the mystery listed with it. We may not have experienced the mysteries of the Rosary first hand but the virtues we pray for are much more familiar. For example, if you chose The Carrying of the Cross; Fruit of the Mystery: Patience you could write about a time when your patience was stretched but it caused you to grow. Or maybe choose The Visitation: Love of Neighbor and remember how someone was there for you when you needed them the most.

Take your reader on a journey. Where was your heart when you began? How did you encounter God in this situation? What important events or details changed the way you saw things? How did this experience change your perspective or increase your faith? Where is your heart moving forward? Our aim is to relate to and encourage others through joyful and sorrowful seasons alike. Try to leave readers with a feeling of hope.

Please familiarize yourself with both the mysteries of the rosary and their assigned virtues (fruit) on the Submissions page and prayerfully consider which mystery to reflect on and write about. You will hear within 6 weeks whether your piece will be published. If accepted, your story will go through 2-3 rounds of revision to ensure readability and check facts (such as Church teaching or scripture references). Writer approves all edits prior to publication.

Please note that this project is a collaboration so no monetary compensation is available but you may promote your own sites, causes, pages and businesses in a bio and head shot at the end of your feature. We will promote the story on all of our social medias, create a shareable quote and award you a contributor badge to display on your own blog or website.

Quick tips

-Use spell check

-Write at least 3 drafts

-Read it out loud, if it doesn’t sound right revise

-Talk to the reader like you would a friend

-Avoid cliche

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Terms & Conditions:
By submitting your story to Motherhood Through the Mysteries, you are granting full copyright permission to this website indefinitely. Posts will acknowledge your authorship, but will be the property of When you submit your writing to this website, you hereby relinquish all claims to monetary compensation for any and all future uses. None of your information is shared with outside parties.


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