What is MtM?

Motherhood Through the Mysteries (MtM) is a collaborative series of creative personal essays inspired by the mysteries of the rosary & real experiences of modern women of faith living out the multifaceted vocation of motherhood in their own unique ways.

Our Mission

To Encourage

Women in the vocation of motherhood in all of it’s various forms.

To Relate

Connecting the mysteries of the rosary to daily life through creative storytelling.

To Inspire

People everywhere to pray the Rosary daily.

Our Stories

Our stories are inspired by the mysteries of the Rosary and written in light of their accompanying spiritual fruit (based off of St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s book The Secret of the Rosary.) Our series marries a love of storytelling and contemplation to illustrate the ways in which our vocations develop the virtues we pray for each day in our Rosary devotion.

Our Writers & Team

Motherhood Through the Mysteries is the home of a creative collaborative community. We join our voices and talents together to inspire others & to promote Catholic creatives & professionals free of charge.

Our Community

Please follow us on Instagram and join our private group on Facebook to find prayer, support and friendship as we explore the mysteries of motherhood and faith together.


This budding mission and community needs your generous support to grow! Click here to donate a one-time or reoccurring gift of any amount. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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