Third Sorrowful Mystery

The Crowning with Thorns

Fruit of the Mystery: Moral Courage

We Look to the Holy Family

by Cassandra Castillo

Moral courage brought me to our good and loving God! I was not yet Catholic when I experienced my escape but through Divine Intervention I was given the virtue of moral courage. There was no way I could have made it out alive on my own. 

Having failed to escape my relationship once before, I started to pray, constantly asking for help to get my girls out of this situation. I knew God then but not like I do now. My grandpa raised me Mormon and he taught me to pray. When I prayed over my situation everything started to line up perfectly, finally all my plans were working! I knew it was by the grace of God that it was!

The moment had come and the plan went into effect so quickly. The call was made and we were being saved! When I went to leave I was trying to lift my girls over a fence to get them out with a gun pointed at me. The gun jammed andhe took the girls. I knew they would be safe there even though  I was not. I had no choice but to go get help and come back for them.

I was taken to a safe house where I made all of the calls. I talked to the detective and would meet with him in the morning. I was free, or so I thought. He was arrested and I was there to get my babies who were so confused and mad at me, filled with the things their Dad had told them. 

The long road of a custody battle was about to start.

I wondered how I could go into the courtroom of a broken system, with no lawyer, to fight for my kids, against someone who, despite their issues, looks great on paper. 

When I hear the final decision regarding custody, I will accept it. Even if its not what I want, I have to trust that God is preparing my girls for something great. 

Cassandra castillo

I prayed for the courage to go in with my head held high, promising God I would do whatever he needed if he saved my children and I again. God was the only one I could rely on. I had a 30 minute drive to court. I prayed so hard. My now Husband drove me there and talked to me about building my spiritual muscles. 

How it was ok to be scared, but how important it was to have the courage to do it despite the fear. I didnt turn back, I walked into the first of many court hearings ready to fight for my girls which I still do to this day.. In listening to God, my husband and doing what was right, I was able to find the Catholic Church in all Her greatness. 

Walking into court is still nerve-racking because, well it’s court! Who doesn’t feel a little jittery? But I have peace because God gave me the gift of courage. I know I am doing God’s will by fighting for my children, and I know that God gives the judge the power to make the best decision for my girls.

I don’t know God’s will but I am not going to get in the way of it. When I hear the final decision regarding custody, I will accept it. Even if its not what I want, I have to trust that God is preparing my girls for something great. 

My girls are still with their dad. God needs them there for reasons I don’t know, but I trust God. I trust in His love for all and pray for His will to be done. 

It has been eight years since I left and I still suffer from post traumatic stress, but God has helped me so much. I am now married in the Church, my husband and I share a total of eleven kids and we teach four different catechism classes at our parish. 

I started Blended Be to help other moms like me. I want to have resources out there for Catholic moms who are fighting for custody of their kids. I want to help Catholic moms of blended families thrive as blended mothers.

The Holy family is the perfect example of a blended family. Saint Joseph stepped in to be the “foster father” of Jesus. We look to the Holy Family as intercessors and examples of how to run our blended family well.

About Cassandra: My name is Cassandra! I am a wife to Nathaniel and mom to 11! I am a Catholic Convert and love God so much! I just want to be everyone’s sister and share God’s love with them! Find more from me at and on Instagram @blendedbe

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