Fourth Joyful Mystery

The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
Fruit of the Mystery: Faithfulness to God

The Answer to Everything

by Thérèse Hamtil Talarico

As a mother, it is so vital to be an example to your children. How does one do this when she is frazzled; she is worn to the bone; she is completely and utterly exhausted?

She exhibits it through faithfulness…

Faith in her actions,

her prayers,

her daily duties.

None of this has to be complicated or feel unattainable. In fact, it is really very simple.

For example, start the day with morning prayers to show how important it is to dedicate the day to Our Lord.

God will be a comfort to them. A place to go.

Thérèse hamtil talarico

Utter little praises to God when something good happens, like “Thank God that the sun is shining today!”

Remind your children to make little sacrifices by saying out loud, “I offer this to you, O Lord.”

This can be said during the most mundane task or when stubbing a toe or scrubbing a dish. The children will notice, and they will hear these little conversations with God.

It becomes second nature to them, then, to do the same. Young children love to mimic, and in fact, this is how they learn.

If these little acts of faithfulness are taught very early on, then the children will likely develop these acts as habits, which will hopefully carry on throughout their lives

God will be a comfort to them. A place to go.

He will be the answer to everything for them, as long as we make Him the answer to everything for us.

About Thérèse: Thérèse is the owner of her Etsy shop,  Kolbe’s Little Flowers. She is the face behind @kolbeslittleflowers and @thesocraticmom (a homeschool and SAHM blog). She is a medical speech-language pathologist who stays home with her six children. She homeschools them and works occasionally at the hospital.

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